Will you be there? [THEM]

A triptych Dance video

Will you be there? [HER]

Will you be there? [HIM]

⁣⁣- Will you be there? - ⁣ [Them]

"Will you be there" is a short story about loss, reminiscence of a place, and a past relationship. Should we let our dearest memories go? A short film where dialogues were traded with a dance choreography and that will be declined in 3 versions: "Them", "Her" and "Him". 3 perspectives, for 3 different points of view, or are they really? ⁣

A film crafted by Haze Kware

Choreography & Performance:⁣ Anaêlle Mariat & Tangui Trévinal ⁣ ⁣

Music by Ian post⁣ ⁣

AD Marlène blackdough ⁣ / Grip Damien Rembert⁣ ⁣

Filmed at the Château La Louvière (Vignobles André Lurton)